Istanbul Foundation for Science And Culture

A word on our Foundation by the Executive President




 Said Yüce

Dear Esteemed Friends,

THE remedy and cure to the despondency and emotional pain inflicting much of humanity (which is most needy and pitiable) is potentially available and attainable via the spiritual values held within the Islamic world. The hugely valuable message of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) as well as his approach to life needs to be responsibly and earnestly claimed by the Muslim world and then presented to the globe, formulated in a suitable language. For this, there needs to be a consensus in the Islamic world with respect to both an authentic and practical method. 

We believe that the method provided via the writings and thoughts of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi can help facilitate such a consensus in the Muslim world. Such an approach has until today found acceptance at all societal levels, from the position of the common man up to the highest strata of academia. 

Should the true path to peace and welfare long searched for by 21st century man ever come to light, it is undoubtable that we will have arranged via the approach of the Qur’an and Sunnah, the development of a common language for humanity, with activity stretching across the globe. With Allah’s Mercy and with your esteemed supplications and prayers the Risale-i Nur may be both better understood and propagated further throughout the world as a result of sincere faith service.

Our Foundation,

  • Organises international symposiums oriented towards tackling global problems via the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah. These symposiums are attended by academicians, students and observers from all around the world.
  • Financially assists proficient students who lack sufficient funds for education
  • Conducts regular meetings oriented towards the understanding of the fundamentals of Compassion, Charity and Assistance, Brotherhood, and Affection.
  • Carries out studies and research with assistance from universities, foundations and educational institutes around the world aimed towards generating solutions to common problems faced by humanity
  • Organises national symposiums at universities throughout the country of Turkey, and ensures the papers presented are published into books by university publishing houses.
  • Brings together and facilitates communication between Masters and PHD students and expert academicians from around the world.
  • Hosts and facilitates the education of students from around the world
  • Facilitates the publishing and distribution of books from leading global publishing houses
  • Publishes international peer-reviewed journals based on the Risale-i Nur. The Arabic journal is titled “al-Nur” and the Turkish-English titled “Katre”.
  • Participates in national and international exhibitions and fairs in addition to possessing its own dedicated exhibition and museum that is held at Rustempasa Medrese.
  • Works towards propagating the truths of the Risale-i Nur to the whole world through the medium of the internet, in the languages of English, Turkish and Arabic.
  • Arranges many activities for our young people via our Barla Platform initiative which includes social media, website design, and an archives and documentation center.


Through the strength of such faith-services as well as the generous efforts and favors of our benefactors and volunteers, the following words stated by Nursi are becoming realized: “On behalf of saving the faith of society, the sacrifice of one Said is not enough. Let a thousand Said’s be so!”. Thus we pray to Allah that He aids us in our faith services and co-operative endeavors and enables us to expand and broaden our aims and horizons.

Said Yüce

Istanbul Foundation for Science And Culture
Executive President