Ulema From Bangladesh Awarded Risale-i Nur Certificates Of Education

Our Foundation has recently been hosting twenty Bangladeshi muslim scholars from various institutions for a Risale-i Nur Education Programme here in Istanbul. On the 24th of April, an award ceremony took place where the participants received certificates for their completion of the programme.


The one-week programme, that was overseen and tutored by Risale-i Nur Arabic translator Ihsan Kasim Salihi, focussed on the subject of Iman (Belief) and covered a broad range of topics that were related to it in the Risale. Additionally, the students learned about the life and disposition of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and engaged in several related discussions. As part of the programme, the scholars were taken to several important religious, historical and cultural sites and locations in Istanbul.

At the award ceremony a recitation of the Qur'an was read which was then followed by a talk by the Executive Board President of the Foundation, Said Yuce. He thanked the Bangladeshi scholars for visiting Istanbul and emphasised the important need for establishing a brotherhood through the 'collaborative activities of science and religion'.


Foundation President and student acquaintance of Said Nursi, Mehmet Firinci Agabey, said that such sincere interest shown by the Bangladeshi guests in the Risale-i Nur is of great significance and importance for their country. Mehmet Firinci also shared the following memory from a time he spent with Said Nursi:

"After the finalisation of the court acquittal for Nursi's Guide For Youth treatise in Istanbul, I decided to visit Emirdag where Ustadh Bediuzzaman was residing.

Whilst there I saw that he was very happy to see visitors from Pakistan and Bangladesh and he stated that a tremendous community of Nur students was developing in those countries. Today I have seen from this education programme that Said Nursi's good tidings and opinions have become realised"



After speeches from the professors in charge of the education programme, Dr.Ma'mun Jerrar and Ihsan Kasim Salihi, the participants decided to share several of their feelings, thoughts and impressions:


UBAIDUR RAHMAN KHAN (Bangladesh Reform Journal, Editor)

"We offer many thanks for kindly inviting us to come to Istanbul as your guests. We are also thankful and appreciative for the employees and volunteers at your Foundation. We feel happy to have spent time amongst you all. Though of course we have not been able to meet Ustadh Said Nursi, we felt that the presence of his honourable student Mehmet Firinci Agabey allowed us to sense and discern some of Nursi's spiritual warmth.

Though Islam came to the land of Bangladesh in the time of the Prophet's companions, the first Islamic government in the region was established by a Turkish commander, Bahtiyar Kilci. For this reason, Turks are given great esteem by the muslim populace of Bangladesh. For Turks have a great pride of place in the history of Islam. Because of the bonds of Iman that connect us with the Turks, the result is that we have come to follow them very closely. Whatever makes you feel sad makes us feel sad too, and whatever brings you joy also brings joy to us.

Our Bangladeshi youth are currently experiencing a difficult and depressing period that is the result of spiritual sicknesses and imbalances. The Nur students of Turkey experienced and passed through such a similar spiritual darkness, and thus we too would like to treat our spiritual and psychological wounds with the aid and assistance of the Risale-i Nur."


MOHAMMAD MIZANUR RAHMAN (Sheikh Zekeriya Islamic Research Center)

"We are very happy and joyful for the opportunity to visit your blessed country and to form with you new friendships and connections.

One of the most important things that we have learned whilst visiting your Foundation is the urgent need of our youth for the Risale-i Nur.

You are a Turkish nation who have long served Belief through the influence of such lofty characters like Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Mawlana Rumi, Shams Tabrizi and Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. The service of these great and spiritually lofty characters towards Iman and Islam has been very great indeed."


SHABBIR AHMED MOMTAZI (Representative Of The Guild Of Professors)

"We send our heartfelt greetings and salaams to you all, and in particular to our esteemed Mehmet Firinci Agabey. We Bangladeshi's hold much fondness and affection for you, the representatives of the Turkish nation. In our own education systems in Bangladesh we have come to give very good courses and education about Turkey and the Turks.

Under the roof of Islam, both Turkey and Bangladesh particularly share many historical and religious aspects as part of a common ground between them.

We have also observed from our Risale-i Nur programme in Turkey that the protection and preservation of the Iman of our youngsters is of utmost priority and importance. They will greatly benefit from the truths of Belief.

We thank you for your kind hospitality and service."


At the close of the ceremony the scholars from Bangladesh were awarded with certificates and gifts from Mehmet Firinci Agabey.