People of Palembang Island Display Lively Enthusiasm For Bediuzzaman


The 18th of July saw the academic committee of the IFSC attending a programme at the Al Ittifaqiah Qur'anic Sciences Academy on Palembang Island in Indonesia.

Academicians from Turkey met with both staff and students from the Academy who were all very enthuasistic to attend the programme and learn about what the Risale had to offer.

The head director of the Academy, Dr. Mudrik Qori, expressed that there was great and growing interest in Indonesia for the combined teahing of religious sciences, social sciences and hard sciences. He said that religious students who were taking part in such inter-disciplinary programmes had been increasing in number in places ranging from Thailand to Australia.

Academicians from our Foundation discussed the possibility of a future collaborative programme with the Academy to help incorporate Said Nursi's proposed "Medresetu Zehra" interdisciplinary university in the form of a syllabus that can be implemented in the future.

Towards the end of the meeting, copies of the Risale-i Nur in English, Arabic and Malay were awarded to members of staff as well as to the library.