Indonesian Teachers Attend Risale-i Nur Education Programme

Between the 15th and 22nd November, the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture hosted a group of teachers and educators from the Indonesian Dar'un Nejah Education Institute for a several day Risale-i Nur Introductory Programme.


Topics from the Risale-i Nur that were featured and discussed in the programme including the exploration of the concept of "Bismillah", the Resurrection, Prophethood, Tawhid, the Names of Allah, and the Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Jordanian professor Dr. Mamoun Jarrar and IFSC Nursi researcher Ali Katıöz were in charge of the proceedings and covered a broad area of interesting topics from the Risale-i Nur. 



The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive with the following comments given on the final day of the proceedings:

Syarif Hidayatullah

"I would like to express my genuine thanks to the valuable professors and experts at your Foundation for giving us the opportunity to learn the ideas and thoughts of the venerable author of the Risale-i Nur. It has certainly helped to strengthen our Iman. With God's help, we will make every effort to propagate and disseminate the works of Said Nursi".


Andi AR Evrai

"Said Nursi is one of the most important people in Turkey who represent the cause of Islamic dawah.  He taught against following negative or aggressive actions and believed that genuine improvement and reclamation of the Islamic character comes from the road of compassion and mercy."

Ujang Habibi

"I can say in summary that this programme has been of great benefit to me and that I have learned that the Risale-i Nur reinforces Iman, strengthens ones' understanding and belief in Tawhid, and helps to teach and guide one towards cleansing their ego"

Muhammad Zuhairi Hadi Yunus

"We express our great thanks to the members of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture for inviting us to this programme, and for their time. We are also very happy to be in Turkey. 

When Said Nursi draws attention to the concept of "Bismillah", he explores the ideas of "Zikir" (Remembrance), "Fikir" (Thought and reflection), and "Shukur" (Gratitude) in a most wonderful fashion. His descriptions of these concepts have caused us to contemplate on them in a more careful and thoughtful way. We will work to propagate these radiant truths in our homeland of Indonesia, with Allah's help inshallah."

At the closing ceremony of the programme certificates were awarded to the attendees by the Foundation President Mehmed Fırıncı Ağabey, Executive President Said Yüce, Dr. Mamoun Jarrar and Ali Katıöz. Along with a plaque awarded to the Dar'un Nejah Education Institute, several copies of "The Flashes" from the Risale-i Nur Collection (that were translated into Indonesian) were also awarded.