The 10th International Bediuzzaman Symposium (2013)

The Place and Role of Prophethood in the Search for Truth


For three days on 22–24 September 2013, the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture convened the Tenth International Said Nursi Symposium. Its theme was the role of prophetic guidance in civilisational and ethical enhancement in the legacy of the prominent Turkish reformist thinker Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1876–1960), with his creative interpretation of the Qur’an Risale-i Nur (Epistles of Light). The large opening ceremony was held at the Ataköy Sinan Erdem Sports Complex in Istanbul with a number of prominent Turkish statesmen, acknowledged religious scholars and public figures including Bekir Bozdağ (Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey), Prof. Dr Mehmet Görmez (President of Religious Affairs, Turkey), Huseyin Çelik (Deputy Chairman, Justice and Development Party), and Huseyin Avni Mutlu (Governor of Istanbul).

During the following two days over 100 papers were presented by scholars from over forty countries in twenty-four sessions. Despite the variety of their cultural and religious backgrounds, all the presenters appeared to reach consensus on the importance of Prophetic Missions in assisting human beings to achieve a balanced peaceful existence. The overall idea is that prophets not only warned humans against excess, but also ushered in crucial positive transformations, and left an enduring sublime legacy for humanity. Furthermore, the efficacy of this prophetic legacy for solving modern economic difficulties, social problems, political crises and environmental issues was highly emphasised during this symposium.


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