International Webinar on Muslim Youth in Indonesia


The Faculty of Ushuluddin, Adab and Humaniora (FUAH) IAIN Jember and Yayasan Nur Semesta Jakarta, proudly present International Webinar on "Muslim Youth between Moderatism, Nationalism and Radicalism.

Opening Speech:

1. Prof. Dr. H. Babun Suharto, SE. MM. (Rector of IAIN Jember)

2. Said Yüce, MA (Director of Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture-Turkey)

Keynote Speech:

Dr. M. Khusna Amal, S.Ag. M.Si. Dean of FUAH


1. Dr. Ahmet Selçuk, (University of London, Environment and Energy Scientist / Expert on Nursi's Thoughts), "Current Problems of Muslim Youth and Effective Remedies Provided in The Risale-i Nur"

2. Dr. Amanah Nurish, (School of Strategic and Global Studies, University of Indonesia, Anthropologist), "Radicalism and Political Market in The Global Community".

3. Hasbi Şen, M.Hum., (Founder of Yayasan Nur Semesta Jakarta), "Inspiring Messages from Said Nursi for Youth".


Alfurqon Phd Cand., (Tilburg University the Netherlands (Lecturer of FUAH)


The Webinar will be held on:

Thursday, 05 November 2020,

start at 1pm (GMT+6) / 13.00-15.00 WIB.

Via Zoom, Link:

ID Zoom : 296 490 9601

Password : fuahok

and Live Streaming on Youtube FUAH IAIN JEMBER.


E-Certificate for participants is provided.

Registration Form:

Contact Person: M. Faiz (081281688752)


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