"Islamic Theology and Culture" program was held with participants from Ukraine


"Islamic Theology and Culture" program was held with faculty members and students from Ukraine Ternopil University. Dates can be added here, info is missing.

In the program, seminars were given on Islamic theology, Islam's perspective on science and education, the Intellectual History of the Republic of Turkey, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Risale-i Nur, and Ottoman History. The participants reflected that they were highly satisfied with the trip and intercultural exchanges. They expressed:

"We would like to thank the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation for giving us this opportunity. We observed a lot of things we did not know about Islam, as well as some things about Turkish culture. We asked questions comfortably and got satisfactory answers. Your warmth and hospitality made us feel at home.”

After the 8-day program, participants were given a certificate of participation (to what program?) by our foundation.