Some Statements from the Arabic Papers of the 12th Bediuzzaman Symposium


Prof. Dr. Ammar Cidel / University of Algeria:

Risale-i Nur invites those who do not have faith to enter the circle of faith. It gives faith in scrutiny to whom has fake faith. It enables the person who attains faith to attain perfection. Furthermore, it opens brighter doors to the person who has reached the level of perfection, with the help of faith.

Hadda Meyhup / Ph.D. Student from the University of Algeria:

When we look at Bediuzzaman's treatment of faith, we see that unlike other scholars, he approached this word and this concept of faith very differently and attributed different meanings. The most important of these is: Faith is not only the essence of the otherworldly but also of the worldly perfection, and it is the source of happiness both in this world and in the hereafter, and is the highest goal of creation and creation.

Prof. Dr. Umit al-Mufti / Iraq Salahaddin University:

The source of the Risale-i Nur profession is sunnah. And when we look at the solutions he brought to the problems, we see full submission to the sunnah. For example, if our prophet and the sharia forbid something that is not suitable, an alternative to it would definitely be provided.

His Excellency Bediuzzaman and the Risale-i Nur did not escape from the situation of the century, on the contrary, they challenged the biggest problems of this century and offered solutions that agreed with the aims of the Shari'a. Civilization comparison can be given as an example.

Prof. Dr. Mamun Jerrar / Jordan:

“I would like to thank the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation for organizing such a beautiful and perfect organization. With these 12 symposiums, they gave us the answer to the following question:

Oh Ustad, we are writing here, but no one understands or reads. Who will read these treatises?

Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation responded that question by spreading the Risale-i Nur to the whole world with such activities.

Prof. Dr. Abdülaziz Bergut / Vice President of the Association of Asian-African Universities:

“Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture made an excellent organization as usual. The difference of this 12th Symposium is that the participants started to delve into the depths of the Risale-i Nur, and we started to see the results of the services provided so far.”


Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Mega / Vice-Chancellor of Niger Islamic University:

It is Said Nursi, who ascribes a broad and comprehensive meaning to the concepts of morality and faith, and explains the effect of this morality and faith on the rise and fall of society with evidence and persuasion, and who is a rare scholar of this time and deserves the Marvel of the age Bediuzzaman.

His work Risale-i Nur should be read everywhere in order to improve the morality of society.


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdul Rafi / Islamic University of Pakistan:

“The participation of the President of the Association of Asian-African Universities and their professors in this organization shows us that Risale-i Nur is the need of all humanity.”