Said Nursi's Students Played An Important Role In Our Country's Peace

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kamil Yilmaz, Mufti of Istanbul


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was a great scholar and an enlightened man raised by our nation. He was a pioneer of a movement of universal defence for the truths of belief and Islam.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi teaches his followers a very important principle that faith and morality are inseparable. He mentions that people of belief should also possess good morals. When he explains the qualities of his students in his court defence statements he says “there have never been any students who joined anarchy and mischief or violated public order in the country”.

In fact, his students that he encouraged to always act positively and avoid violence and conflict have played a role in national peace beyond explanation and appreciation. He himself never abandoned positive action despite all actions that he experienced, nor did he take part in any 
act against the state or his nation.

However, today we see that a terror 
organisation unfairly claims ownership of it and it has become one of the greatest causes of unrest for our country in the world. Although criticized for association with the community of Nur or the Risale-i Nur Collection, this movement was in fact expelled from among them in the 1980s.

It is an act of discord to view Said Nursi and Risale-i Nur through this evil movement. It is a great mistake to judge the Nur movement, to put Said Nursi and his works in the same category and even to consider all Muslim groups and sufi orders the same.

The biggest mistake of the Muslim groups and 
sufi orders, on the other hand, is to be poisoned by becoming a financial and political power and challenge the state. Otherwise, these sources of knowledge and wisdom have served throughout history as the veins of blood and life in our society.