11th International Graduate Conference Call Results


11th International Graduate Conference Call Results:

The call results of the Graduate Conference, which we are honored to organize for the 11th time this year, have been announced.

During the conference which will be held on 1-6 December 2022, participating academic candidates will take lectures on the content and methodology of Risale-i Nur and have scientific discussions for 4 days within the framework of the theme of “resurrection”.


Accepted academic candidates:

David Aguirre Martínez, Colombia

Jafar Paramboor, Malaysia

S.M. Mehboobul Hassan Bukhari, Germany

Muhammed Shareef Koomullan Kandi, India

Saba Irsad Ansari, India

Sahba Hussain, UK

Uzma Karim (Ahmad), Pakistan

Malick Elias, UK

Javaid Ayub Sheikh, India

Sid Ahmed Khireddine, Malaysia

Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture