Risale-i Nur in Italian reached Rome


Risale-i Nur in Italian reached Rome

Risale-i Nur, the Qur'an commentaries written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and translated into nearly 60 world languages, was newly translated into Italian. It was put in the largest mosque library in Rome and also was delivered to the Muslims living in Rome.

As the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, we delivered the ‘’Flashes’’ and other books from the collection that were newly translated into Italian to Rome with our brothers Erdogan Nil from Bosnia and Bekir Bakir from Czechia.

The presentation of Risale-i Nur translated into Italian by Gabriel Tecchiato, the director of the library of the largest mosque in Rome, was held in the mosque library and conference halls.

The works, which were received with great pleasure by the imam of the mosque, Sheikh Nadiri, were greeted with joy and affection by the Muslims living in Italy, who later came to the mosque for the conference.

In the meantime, during our visit to the Roman Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, the struggle of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in gaining the true happiness of humanity in this world and in the hereafter was told. The newly published work ‘’The Flashes’’ was also presented to Ambassador Ömer Güçlük Bey. Later, the Vatican Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Dr. Lütfullah Göktaş was also visited at the Vatican Embassy and the translated Risale-i Nur treaties were presented to him.