The Thought and Opinion leader of the Modern Century is Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


“The Thought and Opinion Leader of the Modern Century is Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’’

Academic studies, meetings, and collaborations with Islamic scholars and educational institutions on the path of surveying the message of Qur'an and Sunnah continue at full speed at IIKV. The meeting on "New Methods in the Communiqué of the Qur'an and Sunnah" is just one of them.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İİKV Said Yüce,Translator of  Risale-i Nur in Arabic, İhsan Kasım Salihi, Former President of the Iraqi Parliament Prof Muhsin Abdulhamid, Prof.Dr. Alparslan Açıkgenç, Prof Ishak Ozgel, Prof İsmail Hacınebioğlu attended.

The opening speech of the session was delivered by Said Yüce, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İİKV. In his speech, Yüce said, "As the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, we maintain our contacts and activities from all over the world. Our common concern is always to find a solution to the lack of proper language and methods used in the teaching of the Qur'an and Sunnah. We are holding this meeting for this purpose” he said.

Prof Muhsin Abdulhamid said, “I think the most effective style in the teaching of the Qur'an and Sunnah in this century is the method that Bediuzzaman Said Nursi showed because his methodology is based on reason, knowledge, and logic. Its addressee is all humanity.” 

In his book “The Mutakellim of the Modern Century”, Abdulhamid describes the most important difference between Islamic communities and Bediuzzaman as follows:

“Nursi builds an upbringing of the society with the culture of faith on three wings. Other congregations succeeded in the first two, but failed in the third. For this reason, the results of the communiqué made for the last 100 years are not good at all.

If these three wings are:

First: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi planted the seeds of love and fraternity among his students without partisanship and built the bond. Those who follow his profession should protect this trust and try to plant this seed in society.

Second: It explains Islam comprehensively. In other words, Islam is not a part of life, but Islam describes itself as a life.

Third: This is the application of the first two items. Other communities have always been in conflict with the power centers by choosing the path from the top down, while Nursi first started the rebuilding of the ummah from the bottom up.

Prof Muhsin Abdulhamid continued his words as follows:

“For example, it is said that Nursi has abandoned politics and cursed it. In fact, he meant politics, which has the potential to drive negative and evil. On the contrary, he applied the policy aiming to serve the people positively throughout his life.”

Prof Alparslan Açıkgenç said: “Every civilization has continued with science, however, unfortunately, the biggest problem of the Islamic world is that we stop acting with science.”

Prof İsmail Hacınebioğlu: “I think we have enough resources on method and language because this resource is in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. We should not just keep repeating this, but we have to look at how to extract the information that is available there.”

At the end of his discussion, Prof Muhsin Abdulhamid concluded his words as follows: 

“Bediuzzaman Said Nursi brought brilliant solutions to the science issue. It is as follows: Because he had a deep understanding of the Qur'an and attained the ingenuity of our Prophet well, he looked at the Qur'an and the Sunnah as a source of a method for science (ilm) for the realization of human capacity in accordance with the divine caliphate. But he stated the roadmap and methods should create a new style for each century in succeeding this.