Risale-i Nur's handle the verses of the Qur'an


Makasid Institute President Prof Jassar Auda: “Risale-i Nur's handle the verses of the Qur'an with wisdom and purpose; It is the most appropriate education method for the understanding of the time.”

They completed their programs at the Maqasid Institute IIKV, based in the USA and Canada.

Institute President, Prof Jassar Auda, in his speech, stated that they have benefited from Bediuzzaman and his works for many years and said: “First of all, I would like to say that I am very pleased that we have realized this program, especially within the body of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture. We have known Bediuzzaman for a long time and benefit from his work. Especially since the name and purpose of our institute are Islamic maqasid, and there are many aspects of wisdom in the works of Bediuzzaman, we have many things in common. For example, the book of Isharatul I’jaz and its commentary, that is, mentioning the meanings, wisdom, and purposes of the verses is the most accurate education method that appeals to the understanding of this time.The aim of our institute is; is to popularize this education method based on objectives.” 

While the Vice President of the Institute, Dr. Basma Abdelgaffar, stated that they would like to benefit more from Said Nursi, General Director Dr. Zaid Barzinji stated that the greatest service of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was to deal with the issues of faith and tawhid that this century needs. He continued as:

“I have known Bediuzzaman and his works for 15 years. I bought all of his works in Mosul. I learned two valuable things from him. First of all, I learned how to take a stand against the calamities that befall a person and how to face them as their faith grows stronger. Secondly, I learned how to live and convey Islam in difficult times and to always be hopeful.”

In the meantime, the translated books of Risale-i Nur in English and Arabic were presented to the members and the President of the Institute.