Conference on "The Ummah Rises with Science (Knowledge) and Faith" is Completed


Conference on "The Ummah Rises with Science (Knowledge) and Faith"  is Completed

Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation organized a scientific symposium on "The Ummah rises with science and faith" in cooperation with Salahaddin University in Erbil, Iraq, on 13-14 March 2023.

A total of 15 scientists and professors from various faculties of the university attented to the conference. Dr. Omid Jamil Al-Mufti, Dr. Farhad Akbar Al-Shawani and Dr. Hassan Muhammad Ibrahim  were some of the attendees.

Each of the faculty members presented their papers on various subjects in the sessions of prophecy, thought and invitation, studies of the Qur'an, purpose and logic.

Scholars from Yemen, Bangladesh and India also participated in this conference.

With the participation of Risale-i Nur's Arabic translator İhsan Kasım Salihi and Said Yüce, certificates were presented to the participants.