İİKV organized a program on Makasıd-ı Qur'an with Bangladesh Essunnah Foundation


İİKV organized a program on Makasıd-ı Qur'an with Bangladesh Essunnah Foundation

Sheikh Ahmadullah, President of the Assunnah Foundation: "The Turkish nation, which has served Islam for a thousand years, preserved its youth with Risale-i Nur."

The problems of Islamic youth were discussed in the program attended by scholars from Bangladesh, Japan and Canada.

The meeting held between 9-15 March at the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation was attended by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Giasuddin Talukder – (Chittagong University), Sheikh Ahmadullah – (President of Assunnah Foundation, Dhaka Bangladesh) , Sheikh Obaidullah Hamza – (Rector of Al Jamiah Al Islamiah Patiya University), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abus Samad – (International University of Manarat), Saber Ahmed – (President of the Japan Islamic Cultural Foundation) and Prof. Dr. Abu Noman Mohammad Tarek – (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada) attended.

In order to convey the purpose of the Qur'an to the society in the modern period, the method of Risale-i Nur, which is a contemporary interpretation, was discussed.

Speaking at the meeting, the President of Assunnah Foundation Sheikh Ahmedullah stated that the Turkish nation, who had served Islam for a thousand years, carried out an extremely strong struggle for the preservation of faith against the atheism that took place in the first years of the republic, and said: Thanks to Risalei Nur, they were saved by preserving their faith. Bangladesh, as a country and as a nation, is about to fall into the state of Turkey in its first period, this time we are about to fall into that pit quickly when we say that Turkey is saved, our youth are graduating from those schools with doubts about their faith due to the curriculum taught today, and unfortunately it is difficult to maintain the faith of the youth with the classical understanding of Islam. We should use the works of “Risale-i Nur”, which has been extremely effective in preserving faith in Turkey, for the preservation of Bangladesh youth.” said.

In his speech, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İİKV Said Yüce stated that the message of the Qur'an belongs not only to Muslims but to all humanity, "We need to convey the message of the Qur'an against the material and spiritual difficulties that humanity is going through in our age, with methods that can be understood by the people of the modern era, we also have the blessings of technology. If we can explain the true Islam and the righteousness worthy of Islam, we will be instrumental in the acceptance of Islam in our hearts.” said.