The Closing Program of the 12th Graduate Conference took place at Rüstempaşa Medrese on August 11th.

In the closing certificate program of the conference organized by The Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture which is the twelfth edition this year, certificates were presented to participants from various countries of the world who have completed master's and doctoral studies on Risale-i Nur and Bediüzzaman Said Nursî, at Rüstempaşa Medrese.


Participants who visited the Bediüzzaman Museum located at Rüstempaşa Medrese before the program listened to memories related to Said Nursi and the history of Risale-i Nur's copyright from Said Yüce.

As part of this meaningful event, interviews with participants included valuable opinions about the lectures and programs that took place during the week prior to the certificate program.

The event began with a recitation of the Quran, followed by a presentation of The Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture film.

Said Yüce, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IIKV, discussed the foundation's activities and the 12th Graduate Academics Program.

Young academics who participated in the program shared their thoughts about the five-day conference after introducing themselves.

In the same way, the participating professors also shared their views, contributing to the event.

Academics working on Risale-i Nur stated, "Humanity needs the most important Quranic commentary of the last century, Risale-i Nur."

Members of the IIKV Board of Trustees and the participating academic professors presented certificates and gifts to the participants, concluding the event.

This meaningful event was livestreamed on The Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture YouTube channel.

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