The International "Educators Training Program" Commences at IIKV: Said Yüce: When we put on the glasses of the lens of letters with the binoculars of faith, these glasses show us the owner of the universe.

The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture organized a program that emphasized the importance of a unified education model based on monotheism by hosting 30 international educators and professors. This event, hosted by the foundation, took place for the first time from August 14th to 19th this year and is considered one of IIKV's significant gatherings.


The program began with a recitation of the Quran, and first, Said Yüce spoke on behalf of IIKV, expressing his welcome to the participants in Turkey and Istanbul and said, "We are delighted to host you as guests of this nation, which has carried the banner of Islam for a thousand years, and of these lands that were the center of the caliphate for many years."

Yüce noted that participants had come from all around the world and emphasized that this program was one of the important gatherings organized by IIKV within the framework of proclaiming 2023 as the "Year of The ens of Letters." He continued, underscoring the existence of an education model, worldview, and philosophy of science that had been exported from the West to the whole world for the last two centuries, stating:

"Unfortunately, this education model, which claims that everything in the universe, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, happens randomly or as a natural event without a creator, not only influences Western countries but also holds sway over the entire Islamic world and the entire world."

Yüce pointed out that, unfortunately, a very big and terrible lie has been told to humanity with this language of education. “Against this terrible lie, which claims that beings are by themselves, the result of nature or evolution; He said that all the holy books and all the prophets of the past struggled” and continued:As people of faith, we are all struggling with this terrible lie and terrible big mistake.”

Yüce stressed that microscopes, electron microscopes, the Hubble Telescope, and large-scale telescopes, when observed with reasoning, actually reveal a great truth and prove it. He expressed this truth as, "All creations, all arts, all created beings have a doer and a craftsman, a creator." He added that this truth is revealed when looking through the glasses of faith.

Yüce summarized the ideology we struggled against through these programs with these words:

  "We are struggling with those who ignore this truth conveyed to us by all the holy books and all the prophets, with those who ignore it and present the ideology of unbelief and irreligion under the name of science, and with this terrible idea that is told to students in all schools. "

In this sense, Yüce also touched upon the Sixth Issue in the Risale-i Nur works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, the great Qur'anic interpreter of the last century, by sharing an example in this section, and in 1940, when asked by high school students, "Our teachers don't talk about God" and Nursi  answer  "Listen the sciences , not your teachers"

Then, “What I tried to explain a little while ago; He underlined this meaning with the sentence “We look at the sciences we read, namely the laboratory, microscope, telescope and science books, show us the truth when a correct and clear mind” and added the following words:

“Because such a perfect creation and the universe cannot exist without a creator. A village cannot exist without a headman. A needle cannot be without a master, cannot be without an owner. A letter cannot be without a scribe, you know. So how is this huge universe without a creator?”

Yüce introduced the valuable professors who would teach educators during the week-long program, saying, "Our esteemed guests here include Professor Dr. Necati Aydın from America, Professor Dr. Colin Turner from England, Professor Dr. Alparslan Açıkgenç from Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul, and other professors who will teach this topic throughout the week."

Expressing that this concept, which is actually tried to be explained with the title of the lens of letters, gives glasses to all educators in the world, not only to Muslims, but to all educators in the world, Yüce said “When we put on glasses with the lens of letters, these glasses show us the owner of the universe. In fact, firstly in the verses of the Qur'an about monotheism point to this issue."

In the continuation of his lofty speech, he drew attention to the fact that for many years we have forgotten and are being made forgotten within the framework of the West's own worldview, philosophy of life and philosophy of science; He discussed how Nursi, with this view, gave us new glasses and showed us these forgotten truths again with the glasses of faith, the light of the Qur'an, and the letter binoculars.

“We are not going to sit here and write physics, chemistry, biology books. There are those who wrote those precious works with the eye of oneness. They are also very valuable, but we will provide a more concrete and practical education here,” Yüce said, and described the tawhid-based education model that is planned and trained through these programs with the following words:

"Everyone; No matter what branch or profession he is in, when he wears those glasses, he will look at the universe, things, events and people with a different eye. He will see more clearly with those glasses.

Yüce concluded by saying, "Inshallah, the details of this topic will be covered in the lessons and programs that will continue throughout the week, which our friends can follow in English. I already hope that this meeting will be a source of goodness and lead to beautiful outcomes that will ensure people's eternal salvation and entry into the grave with faith."

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