Prof. Dr. Necati Aydın: With the approach we understand from the essence of the letters, we cannot explain any subject without incorporating Allah into the lesson and explaining it.

The Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture (IIKV) organized a program emphasizing the importance of a unity-based educational model by hosting 30 international educators and instructors. Hosted by the foundation, the program took place for the first time this year from August 14th to 19th. Throughout the week-long program, Prof. Dr. Necati Aydın, who will be providing education, discussed the content of the program in his opening speech.




Prof. Dr. Necati Aydın began his speech by expressing gratitude to the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation for hosting such an important program on a full-time basis. Aydın mentioned that there would be a six-day intensive program with relevant teachers and instructors discussing topics related to the program. He stated that fundamentally, they had prepared a program within the framework of Bediüzzaman's concepts of "mana-yı harfi" and "mana-yı ismi," and continued by referencing Said Yüce's opening speech at the inaugural program:

"In fact, the question from that Kastamonu treatise that mister Said  also referred to describes our problem most beautifully. Said Yüce actually emphasized the answer, but emphasizing the question is also important. There, some high school students, on their way to see Bediüzzaman, ask a question like this: 'Our teachers are not talking to us about Allah.' They don't say, 'Our teachers are telling us about atheism, our teachers are irreligious,' they don't say anything like that. They say, 'Our teachers are not talking to us about Allah.' This actually reads the fundamental problem in today's education right from the point of the book. Because what we now call education is being explained 'without mentioning Allah'."

Continuing his speech, Aydın highlighted the thoughts of educators from various fields: "I've seen many religious teachers; in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, they ask, why would you talk about Allah? Talk about Allah in religious classes; teach biology with science…"

While explaining a unity-based education, Aydın summarized the solution prescription by saying, "With the approach we understand from the essence of the letters, we cannot explain any subject without incorporating Allah into the lesson and explaining it; otherwise, we would provide incomplete or incorrect information," and continued:


"Whether it's Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or any subject - when it's explained without a connection to Allah - it brings about serious problems and difficulties."

Aydın noted that these problems are actually part of a process dating back to the Enlightenment and the Middle Ages. Going deeper into the topic, he used the phrase, "During the Middle Ages, when the church was dominant, as scientists developed science, they laid the foundation for a secular worldview against that church, almost as a revolution.

The initial beginnings of this secular worldview were in the field of physics."

Aydın mentioned that during the era of "Newtonian physics," explanations were sought through cause-and-effect relationships, material causes, nature, and laws. He pointed out that despite Newton being a religious man, his work led people towards atheism or deism.


Aydın attributed this to the emerging notion of "can existence continue independently from Allah?" He explained this by saying, "So, when you want to understand the tree, the mountain, the stone, the bird, you can understand them through material causes, with physical forces. All the explanations turned in that direction. Nowhere was it mentioned that it's as if Allah only wound the clock at the beginning, created the mechanism, and doesn't interfere with the rest... In the Newtonian understanding, such a worldview emerged. I call this the first step towards secularization or worldliness. The first stage began there."


Continuing his discussion about this topic, Aydın moved on to the second step and addressed the field of biology with these words: "In biology, this time, due to the mystery of life always being intriguing to humans; 'how did it start? where did this life come from?' They explained this by disconnecting it from Allah through Darwin's theory of evolution. This time, they thought they explained life without the need for the concept of 'Allah.' This became the second stage of worldliness."


Aydın went on to describe the third stage, which occurred in the political realm. He criticized the principle of "Secularism," which separates religion from state affairs, with the following words: "Religion was completely confined to people's private lives. State affairs are a separate matter, they have nothing to do with religion. Thus, they also detached Allah from societal and political life. In this way, there was no place for Allah there in the third stage."

Describing the fourth stage as occurring in the economic field and constituting the fourth step of secularization, Aydın noted that the founder of the free market mechanism and capitalism, Adam Smith, actually discovered in his works the laws and rules of Newtonian physics reflected in the economic sphere. According to Aydın, Adam Smith, with these laws, created the worldly notion of "We will build heaven on Earth. You don't need to wait for the afterlife for paradise in vain. Here, through our highly efficient free market mechanism, we will build yachts, villas, skyscrapers for you. -similar to what wealthy Muslims believe today- If you enter here, you don't need to imagine the other side," thereby creating a sense of worldliness.

In Aydın's speech where he outlined the stages of secularization, the fifth stage he mentioned and depicted as the heaviest among these five stages is the one related to psychology at the point of the "self" ("Ene" in Turkish). This stage involves the individual, and Aydın portrayed it as the most severe. He discussed how success books are built upon this ideology, encouraging individuals with phrases like "The power is within you! Discover your strength! Believe in yourself! Have confidence in yourself! You will succeed!" He explained that this stage revolves around disconnecting the individual from Allah, and he labeled it as the stage of "breaking the connection with Allah as a servant (Abd)."

Aydın emphasized that this entire project was established with the sole purpose of "excluding Allah, severing all connections with Allah." He concluded this ideology with the following words: "After severing the connection with Allah and disconnecting everything from Him, they then attribute everything to nature, material causes, chance, or the 'self' (Ene). In other words, they 'attribute to themselves.' This way, they reconstructed the connection in that manner."


Describing the outcome of all these stages using the profound expression of Bediüzzaman, Aydın invoked the concept, "Therefore, denying the Unity of the One implies accepting as many gods as there are existent things." He elaborated on this concept by stating, "They turned being a servant of Allah into being a servant of everything, and a servant of everything into being the servant of humans." Aydın then pointed out that Bediüzzaman explained this problem from the perspective of the "meaning of the name" (mana-yı ismi) and added:


"The perspective of the meaning of the name implies attributing existence, life, and oneself to material causes, nature, and chance. It means seeing through that lens. It means severing your connection with Allah and explaining everything with material causes. Bediüzzaman's insight, 'In my forty years of life and thirty years of education, I only learned four words with four meanings: the meanings of the letters, the meanings of the names, intention, and perspective,' points to this truth. He highlighted the source of the problem and defined it with the perspective of 'the meaning of the name.'"

Advocating for a comprehensive understanding of the problem as the solution, Aydın emphasized that the solution is quite clear. He stated that the initial step should involve disconnecting from these problems, in other words, severing the connection between individuals and worldliness, and he related this concept to the phrase 'La İlahe' (There is no god) in the context of connecting with the true word that would sever ties with all false deities. Aydın expressed that by saying 'İllallah' (Except Allah), individuals will reconnect with the singular deity, Allah.


Describing a person who comprehends the secret of 'La İlahe İllallah,' Aydın remarked, "In this way, in everything, when you look at a tree, a bird, the sun, or an event that happens in your life, you will see it as a divine sign, perceive its connection to Allah, and attribute everything to Allah. This is the method that Bediüzzaman suggests with the meaning of the letters."


Aydın emphasized that the essence of the program to be conducted alongside these teachings is to meticulously analyze this problem and understand it within Bediüzzaman's concepts. He highlighted that they are working to implement a more advanced version of this program, named "5D Thinking," utilizing a methodological perspective in education. Aydın summarized the goal of this education with the following words: "No matter what subject the teacher teaches, the aim is for the students to come to their Lord through the topic they learn, establish a connection with their Lord, read His manifestations and names in that context, and thereby enable the presence of their Lord in every state and circumstance."

Reminding us of the fundamental issue of worldliness in our era, Aydın emphasized that in a time that dehumanizes humans, turning them partly into robots and partly into animals, Bediüzzaman's method of the meaning of the letters helps us rediscover our humanity, reach the pinnacle of being a complete human (insan-ı Kâmil), and teaches us the way and method for that. He concluded his speech with the following words:

"Our aim is to discuss, deliberate, and understand this method together with educators coming from different countries. Hopefully, you will also support us with your prayers. May God, in line with our intention, grant us the ability to complete this endeavor in accordance with His pleasure. Thank you."


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