Two Surprise Artworks were Presented at "Training the Trainers" Program Certificate Ceremony

Organized by the Istanbul Foundatıon For Science And Culture this year we held the inaugural "Train the Trainers" program, which saw the participation of 30 educators from 9 countries. Following an intensive week-long training in "Mana-yı Harfi," the program concluded with a Closing Ceremony held at Rüstempaşa Medrese. During the closing program, a masterpiece adorned with illumination and featuring the Master's calligraphy was presented, alongside the introduction of the new edition of the book "Nurlu Yıllar," which delves into the years of Said Nursi, his disciples, and the compilation of the Risale-i Nur.


The closing program began with the recitation of the Quran, followed by a speech from Said Yüce, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture , about the foundation and the program. The closing event, attended by the Foundation's Board of Trustees and many guests, also featured some of the educators who participated in the training program sharing their impressions about the program.

Participants, who emphasized repeatedly that they had not envisioned such training when they joined the program, expressed their astonishment and contentment with the comprehensive education they received. They highlighted that during the training, through the "mana-yı harfi" method they learned, they became admirers of the Risale-i Nur.

The educators thanked the IIKV for organizing this training, expressing their gratitude for the hospitality and professional organization they experienced. One participant, with tears in their eyes, shared their appreciation and gratitude by reading a poem they had written about the training during their speech.

Said Yüce presented the introduction of two significant works that coincided with the Certificate Program.

After the testimonial speeches, Yüce took the floor again and, while introducing the surprise guest of the day and the artwork, narrated a significant prison memory of Said Nursi related to the piece with the following words:

"In the final period of imprisonment of our Master, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, in 1948, during his time in Afyon Prison which lasted nearly two years (around 20 months), he wrote Risale-i Nur treatises on whatever scraps of paper he could find in his solitary cell, given the conditions. You are familiar with the Hüve aspect; it was composed in Afyon Emirdağ. Among those works, there is a precious memory he wrote on one of the papers he could find during his time in prison."

On the occasion of the August 30th Victory Day, the prison director hangs the Turkish flag on the door of the cell of our Master, Bediüzzaman Said Nursi. The intention behind it is, in fact, to provoke. They want him to do something so that they can use it as another pretext to torment and harass him. Upon seeing the flag hung, Master Said Nursi writes a short paragraph note to the prison director as follows:

"Mr. Director! I thank you for hanging the flag of the Independence Day in my cell. During the National Campaign (Harekât-ı Milliye), in Istanbul, my work "Hutuvât-ı Sitte" against the British and Greeks, when published, served perhaps as much as a battalion of soldiers. Ankara knew that and even Mustafa Kemal requested my presence in Ankara twice, secretly, to honor me. He had even said: 'We need this heroic scholar.' Therefore, it is my right to hang this flag on this special day." Said Nursi

Yüce, mentioning that "this precious original piece, written by the Master's own handwriting on a piece of paper he could find, is in the Bediüzzaman Museum," noted that upon seeing this piece, Mrs. Dilek Koç, the illuminator, beautifully adorned this note with illumination and completed it in time for today.

Expressing congratulations and gratitude to Ms. Dilek, Yüce invited both the artwork and Ms. Dilek Koç, along with her husband Mr. Kerim, onto the stage. With the participation of Calligrapher Muhsin Demirel, they presented the artwork to the museum.

Ms. Dilek mentioned that she worked very carefully and meticulously while creating the illumination artwork, and she applied it with great caution to ensure no harm came to the original piece.

While conveying his congratulations, Muhsin Demirel also expressed the opinion that it would be wonderful to apply illumination to other artworks as well, emphasizing that the Istanbul Ilm and Culture Foundation (İİKV) has achieved a first in this regard.

As this valuable artwork is being opened for guests to visit, Said Yüce announced the second presentation of the day.

The work "Nurlu Yıllar" was prepared by the Istanbul Foundation For Science And Culture (IIKV) in March, in memory of the 63rd anniversary of Bediüzzaman Hazretleri's passing, and was presented to the readers' interest. Said Yüce, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Ilm and Culture Foundation, mentioned that the book was prepared through extensive and meticulous work, offering a different perspective from what has been written before. He provided information about the preparation and printing process of the work, and used the following statements:

"Alongside narratives that you will encounter for the first time about the trio of the Master, his disciples, and his works, this book also includes original documents and information from Ottoman and Republic archives. The preparation and release of a work like this about Bediüzzaman Said Nursi greatly delights us. Following the significant interest in the initial edition, we have prepared an enhanced new edition. In this new edition, you will find more original documents, narratives, and information about Bediüzzaman Hazretleri's life, his disciples, and the years of compilation and publication of the Risale-i Nur works."

The new edition of the book "Nurlu Yıllar" was also introduced for sale and met with readers for the first time during the Certificate Program.

The program concluded with the presentation of certificates and gifts to the participants and instructors, ending on a positive note of connection and camaraderie.

Furthermore, during the program, the Istanbul Ilm and Culture Foundation (İİKV) organized an art calligraphy exhibition with the proceeds intended for donation to AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority).