Our Vision-Mission



TO ENABLE a common ground that shapes our moral, religious, and historical values and ideals through the principles of knowledge, technology, and unity, fostering faith-based intellectual activities and nurturing brotherhood among the umma.




LEVERAGING the advantages of communication tools in a globalizing world, we are dedicated to organizing intellectual, academic, social, cultural, and artistic activities that seek to address the challenges confronting the modern world, with a particular focus on the crisis of faith. Through collaborative efforts with qualified individuals and organizations, we aim to promote understanding, enlightenment, and solutions to these pressing issues.


In this context, we are engaged in:

• Establishing partnerships and formal agreements with national and international universities, NGOs, research centers, and institutions.

• Facilitating topic-specific meetings and expert consultations with scholars from diverse regions within the Islamic world.

• Coordinating both annual and ad-hoc symposiums, conferences, workshops, panels, and training sessions, featuring the participation of scholars, experts, students, and trainers from both Turkey and abroad.

• Developing periodicals and books, with translations into multiple languages, and supporting their widespread distribution.

• Curating exhibitions that showcase relevant cultural and intellectual contributions.

• Founding archives, records, and research centers to preserve and advance knowledge.

• Building the necessary infrastructure to ensure the successful implementation of these projects and to train individuals with the requisite skills and expertise.