The Leader of the "Rebuilding Libya Movement" Experienced Statesman Dr. Arif Ali Nayed, Visited Our Foundation


Dr. Nayed was welcomed by Said Yüce, the President of the Executive Board of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture. During the introductory meeting, the language of contemporary preaching and Bediüzzaman's preaching method were discussed.

In this context, Said Yüce, in his speech, emphasized that contemporary Islamic education and teaching methods are weak against the current of irreligiosity. He stated, "Unfortunately, religious education tends to focus more on contentious issues, and the real problem is not fully understood."

Dr. Nayed, on the other hand, expressed that the most suitable method in today's world is the "Bediüzzaman method" with the following words: "Bediüzzaman applies a comprehensive method to the principles of all contentious sects, views, and even all orders in his works. He used a 'unifying' language and style, not an 'exclusionary' one."

Continuing his speech summarizing Bediüzzaman's method, Dr. Nayed added the following sentence: "The Nursi method is, in fact, a method of representing the truth of Muhammadiyah."