Risale-i Nur is being translated into Hindi for the first time

The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture has signed a significant collaboration agreement following extensive discussions with Envar Muhammed Hoca, an eminent scholar from India and also the President of the India House of Wisdom Foundation. The main component of this collaboration involves the translation of Risale-i Nur works into the Hindi language.


Envar Muhammed and the Board of Trustees President of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, Said Yüce, who visited the foundation, came together with the participation of the Executive Committee of the Foundation to sign an agreement as a symbol of the collaboration between the two institutions, after prolonged discussions.

"Hindi is the third-largest language spoken worldwide"

Before the signing of the agreement, Envar Muhammed expressed his views about the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture. In his speech, he emphasized the value of Risale-i Nur, stating, "Although Risale-i Nur works have been translated into English and Arabic, they have not been translated into the Hindi language." He continued, "The fact that Hindi is the third-largest language spoken worldwide, after English and Chinese, increases the importance of this translation." Envar Muhammed pointed out the significant need for Risale-i Nur in this region, given the larger number of Muslims in India compared to other regions.

"India has a great need for Risale-i Nur"

Envar Muhammed highlighted that the themes of faith and humanity contained in Risale-i Nur contribute to the spread of love, affection, and brotherhood among humanity and society. He stressed the importance of translating it into the Hindi language, not only because of the great need in India but also for the global community to recognize and read this valuable work.

"Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture conducts a unique activity among Islamic institutions"

Envar Muhammed also expressed his appreciation for the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture's interest in Risale-i Nur and its efforts to promote these works worldwide. He mentioned that he has not seen another foundation that is so dedicated to an intellectual's works, thoughts, and legacy, using them in academic settings, research, articles, writings, books, and various platforms to spread these ideas.

"I believe the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture will have a greater presence internationally"

Envar Muhammed stated that the sincerity of the leaders who support Islamic activities is the most important factor. He emphasized his frequent visits to the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture and witnessed the dedication of Said Yüce, the President of the Board of Trustees, to the service of Risale-i Nur. He concluded by expressing his belief that the foundation would not only have a significant presence in Turkey but also on an international scale.

"Risale-i Nur offers solutions to the problems of all humanity from the Quranic pharmacy"

Said Yüce thanked Envar Muhammed for his speech and appreciation. He continued by saying, "May Almighty Allah employ us all in the service of the entire ummah." He emphasized their role as trustees in the foundation's service and highlighted the need for translating Risale-i Nur into various languages, especially Hindi, to address the material and spiritual problems of both the Islamic world and humanity as a whole.

After the speeches, Said Yüce, on behalf of the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, and Envar Muhammed, on behalf of the India House of Wisdom Foundation, signed the collaboration agreement, concluding these valuable discussions and intentions.

Formun Üstü


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