Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture Hosts 4th International Short Course on Risale-i Nur in Collaboration with Darussalam Gontor University


As the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, last week we organized the 4th International Short Course on Risale-i Nur within the framework of agreements with Darussalam Gontor University in Indonesia.

During the program held between January 18th and 24th, 2024, an intensive Risale-i Nur reading program was organized with students from Gontor University for one week.

In the program aimed at getting to know Risale-i Nur more closely and creating a platform for more intercultural interaction between countries, participating students were given detailed lectures throughout the program on the important topics and fundamental principles of Risale-i Nur. Reading sessions were also scheduled.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to visit madrasas and historical sites through excursions conducted during the program. This provided them with the chance to get to know both Risale-i Nur and the Ottoman scholarly tradition more closely.

At the closing and certificate ceremony held at the end of the program, the responsible teacher and students expressed their positive impressions about the program. The teacher and students, emphasizing that Risale-i Nur provides a truly unique perspective to the world, stated that during this program they understood that "not only does Allah have verbal signs, but also cosmic signs."

Following that, detailed interviews about the program were conducted with some of the students.

The annual Risale-i Nur reading program aimed at Indonesian students, which is planned to continue regularly, serves as a means to strengthen the cultural and academic agreements between The Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture and Darussalam Gontor University.

Both sides believe that such events play an important role in increasing cultural and academic exchange and strengthening the bonds of Islamic brotherhood.