"Second Istanbul Workshop: 5D Thinking for Transformative Teaching" (1-7 August 2024) Workshop Applications Opened


For the second time, following the collaboration with The Institute of Integrated Knowledge, we are pleased to announce that applications are now open for our educational workshop titled "Teacher’s Training", scheduled to take place from August 1st to 7th, 2024.

Similar to last year, this workshop aims to provide educators from various countries with a new epistemological perspective that transcends the dominant secular mental framework in science education. Using the 5D thinking approach, the workshop aims to offer educators a new philosophy of science from the perspective of a “tawhedi” worldview.

As it is well known, the primary entity of any educational institution is its teaching staff, and teachers are responsible for the character development of children in the classroom. However, the secular ideology embedded in the curricula of educational institutions in both the Muslim and Western worlds has led to an existential crisis among some intellectuals. Therefore, signs of revival are seen in the Muslim ummah through institutions focusing on character development and Islamization. However, it is not enough to hope that teaching science in harmony with Quranic verses will lead to a strong faith and character. Therefore, in this workshop, awareness of the embedded materialist ideology and a clear framework for how to teach science from a tawhedi worldview perspective will be outlined.

The workshop will consist of three parts. Firstly, participants will be provided with a theoretical and conceptual framework. Secondly, the application of the 5D thinking approach will be demonstrated. Thirdly, participants will be asked to design at least one 5D topic to implement in their own schools or curriculum systems, and to share their implementation findings at the next annual conference.

We believe this workshop will be beneficial for teachers, educators, and school administrators interested in science education from a tawhedi worldview perspective.

The application process for the workshop will begin with a webinar providing general information about the program for program candidates who register via the link on the poster. Subsequently, interviews will be conducted to select candidates to participate in the program.

Important Dates:
Introductory Webinar: March 23, 14:30 (TR)
Program Dates: 1-7 August 2024

For registration please contact to: tugbaturkoglu@iikv.org 

NOTE: The program language is English.