President's message


HUMANKIND is greatly in need of the Qur’anic guidance for every moment of his ceaseless and momentous journey towards the Hereafter.
As our famous poet Mehmed Akif stated, “We must take the inspiration that is drawn directly from the Qur’an, and let the contemporary world perceive and apprehend it as Islam”. There is no doubt that today Risale-i Nur has been carrying out this duty in the most complete and elegant fashion.

The fundamental purpose of our Foundation is to sincerely serve humankind and its need for faith only for the sake of Allah, without making this service an instrument to anything else, in the ways taught us in Risale-i Nur and actively exemplified by the life of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. With the blessings of this sincerity, many successful services are achieved to this present day with the aid and assistance of Allah.

Our foundation, from its inception until the present day has continued to carry out a range of different activities and programmes. These activities include academic conferences on Risale-i Nur which have taken place all around the world, various publications and presentational activities, opportunities for capable individuals to pursue and present their research, as well as investment in students and the next generation.

In this website, you will find examples of various services conducted by our Foundation.

To gain the approval of Allah and to ensure the happiness of humankind both in this life and the next, upon performing this faith-service, we say: “Oh Our Lord and Sustainer! Ordain for us continual sincerity, steadfastness, and devotion in our faith-service to humanity and particularly the younger generation. Amen.”

Mehmet Fırıncı

Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture
President of the Board of Trustees