Our Foundation's Visit to Kuwait


Representatives from our Foundation visited the Islamic Cultural Center of Kuwait and met with the directors and also attended meetings and discussions with students from around the world who had chosen to study there. Some of the students had come from Turkey as well as from different parts of Africa with the aim of learning Arabic. In addition, our Foundation visited the Rasihun Center of Scientific Research and agreements were made for further co-operation between Turkey and Kuwait in the field of joint scientific and academic programs and projects.

The IFSC also visited the Turkish Ambassador in Kuwait, Ayşe Hilal Sayan Koytakta and also gave her a copy of 'The Signs of Miraculousness' from the Risale-i Nur Collection.

The Foundation also had meetings and discussions concerning religious education with staff and members from some universities in Kuwait, charitable organizations and religious leaders. There was also a visit to a tent where an 'ilim majlis' was taking place and which was organised by Hamad Alsenan. The Executive President of the IFSC, Said Yuce, made the following comment during a meeting: 'The people of Kuwait are such close friends of Turkey that they feel sad when we are sad and are happy when we are happy. May Allah make our relationship one of enduring strength. Amin'.