Risale-I Nur is Translated into Hebrew


Risale-i Nur is translated into Hebrew with the cooperation of İİKV and Daru's Selam Foundation.

During the ceremony held in Haifa, Palestine, the head of the Daru’s Salaam foundation, Sheikh Mursi; the head of the mosques in Palestine, Seyh Muhammed; Prof. Mahmud Musalla and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation Said Yüce gave speeches.

In his speech, the President of the Darusselam Foundation Sheikh Mursi said, “Our children receive Hebrew education in Israel, so the young generations can speak and write more in Hebrew. We find it very important and we are very happy with this translation.” He said. Said Yüce, in his speech, stated with stating that Said Nursi's interpretations of the Qur'an, which are in accordance with the understanding of the century, were translated into 60 world languages, and that Hebrew has now been added to them, adding: “The Dar es Salaam Foundation directors wanted the Risale-i Nur to be translated into Hebrew so that their children, youth and people could benefit.”

Translators who speak Hebrew and Arabic very well made their translations based on the Arabic translation of İhsan Kasım Salihi.

“First of all, some parts of the Words (Sözler) and the Flashes (Lem'alar) were translated. InshaAllah, other translations will be completed in time.” Said Yüce said.